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The Hoops Across America initiative is the foundations's core initiative. The number of kids that this initiative has the potential to reach is infinite.


This initiative has no minimum donation amount and  is typically funded by donations via GoFundMe or PayPal


Funds for this initiative cumulatively pay for one portable hoop and five basketballs to be donated to Law Enforcements agencies chosen by the Basketball Cop Foundation. The foundation seeks out agencies which have shown to proactively engage with the youth in their communities. Most of the chosen agencies are discovered after a news report or video is highlighted on the internet or social media.


The extra bonus to these donations is that the media is eager to cover the "follow up" to the initial incident that caught our attention. This helps with communicating our mission of building police/citizen relationships and trust to a large audience. 

See the "Our Impact" map to see the reach that this initiative has had. This map will be updated regularly.

Hoops Across America