Unlike the Hoops Across America initiative, this initiative gives the donor the ability to choose the recipient Law Enforcement agency(s). There are five donation packages to choose from. All donation packages include adjustable portable basketball hoops, basketballs, and "Basketball Cop/#HoopsNotCrime" silicone bracelets. The donation packages of $1000 or greater include "Basketball Cop Foundation" t-shirts. The shirts will display the Basketball Cop Foundation logo on the back and either the donor or Law Enforcement agency logo on the front (your choice). The $5000 donation package will include die-cut "Basketball Cop" stickers (kids LOVE stickers).


Once the donation is made, the Basketball Cop Foundation does all of the work, contacting the recipient agency, purchase/deliver all of the materials, guide the agency through the delivery of the materials to the community with best practices learned through modeling the process here in Gainesville, FL, and arranging any potential media coverage.

The donor will be kept up to date on the progress of the hoop donations and will have the opportunity to attend the delivery of the hoops to the community if desired.


The $2500 and $5000 can be divided into up to three separate agencies.


The donation packages are not exclusive to basketball. Other sport options are available to accommodate the sports interest diversity across different communities.

Donation Packages

Sponsor A Police Dept.


Phone: (352) 870-8608

Email: Basketballcop@gmail.com




PO BOX 358832

Gainesville, FL 32635


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